Powerviolence is the ultra-fast, ultra-brutal form of hardcore punk, and it was born right here in California. It's cool and all, but it's got one problem: A lot of it can sound the same. The best bands working in the genre, however, get that powerviolence is just another form of hardcore, however extreme, and take diverse cues from acts ranging from SSD and Judge to Capitalist Casualties and Despise You. Deadbeat, hailing from La Mirada and West Covina, are just the type of group we're talking about. Nurtured in Coachella Valley's Cathedral of Hardcore scene, they feature catchy riffs, next-level intensity and youthful energy, and they express compelling levels of frustration and rage. It all makes for a heady brew, and the act is sure to be part of the next chapter in L.A.'s storied hardcore punk history. Deadbeat offers no gimmicks and no bullshit — just ugly, brutal hardcore for ugly, brutal people to do ugly, brutal things to. —Nicholas Pell


LA Weekly