We've got nothing but love for Heavy D, who died this week at his Beverly Hills home. Dan Hyman wrote a touching memorial for a man who was a pioneer of the hip-hop/R&B hybrid.

This week will be remembered for sunnier news as well, however: We finally enacted Nigel Tufnel day. And it's today! Sure, we had to decree 11/11/11 a holiday in his honor by fiat, but who cares? That didn't stop L.J. Williamson from brainstorming eleven ways to celebrate the occasion.

Hell, this is the most fun we've had since hearing about the time Flying Lotus played an impromptu concert in writer Chris Walker's friend's apartment — and then went out for “Jesus burgers” and impersonated a physics major.

We also brought you transmissions from controversial rapper V-Nasty, who talked to Rebecca Haithcoat about how she used to steal booze, frat parties at UC Berkeley, and her trying teenage pregnancy. Then there's the incomparable Adanowsky, who, Caroline Ryder informed us, like, seriously wants to marry Devendra Banhart.

In the news of the weird department, a FYF attendee named Rae Deslich claimed to have been injured by a flying spike at the festival this year, reported Diamond Bodine-Fischer. Something even weirder? Shea Serrano told us about the video for Jennifer Lopez's new song, “Papi,” in which her apartment complex mail clerk encourages her to eat a cookie that turns men into zombie love slaves.

Finally, because we were grouchy we lashed out at some of our favorite artists on Haterade Monday. First, Chaz Kangas broke down the five dopiest Beach Boys songs (including one where Brian Wilson raps). Then Ian Cohen examined our list of the top 20 L.A. rap albums of all time, before presenting the worst albums from those artists. Toodle-O!

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