In the far northern reaches of L.A. County, you can find a number of open-space preserves and wildlife sanctuaries where you can walk undisturbed, encounter rare desert plants and animals, or just experience sublime silence. Unique among the city’s constricted corridors, these spaces remain quietly, defiantly open.
Alpine Butte Wildlife Sanctuary, East Avenue O, Lake Los Angeles (Between 130th & 135th St. East)
Desert Pines Wildlife Sanctuary, 200th Street West and Avenue G, Lake Hughes (Between 200th and 205th St. West)
Carl O. Gerhardy Wildlife Sanctuary, 240th Street East and Avenue N, Lancaster (Between 240th and 250th St. East)
Theodore Payne Wildlife Sanctuary, 235th Street East, Llano (Between Avenues U & V / 1 mile north of Palmdale Rd.)
Information on L.A. County parks, gardens and trails: —Suzy Beal

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