Green Line Beauty, conveniently located next to almost macrobiotic, always delicious M Café on Melrose, houses a vast, varied and kick-ass assortment of natural skin-care products, for face and body, man, woman and child. Green Line rocks because its products — all natural, free of chemicals, parabens and sodium laurel sulfate — span the entire spectrum of skin-care needs, wants and budgets. Green Line sells old-school favorites like Dr. Hauschka, as well as ISUN, the latest and truly greatest in pure, raw, Ormus-infused organic awesomeness, packaged in glass. It sells the entire line of Sircuit skin-care, which combines all-natural ingredients with magical peptides that render the lucky wearer’s skin infinitely younger, lighter and brighter. The women who work at Green Line are armed with an impressive knowledge of skin and skin-softening stuff, and generously hand out plenty of samples upon request. 7123 Melrose Ave., L.A. (323) 933-5365,
—Dani Katz

LA Weekly