Past the frozen blinis and falafel (excellent) is a magic door leading to a mini-wonderland of icy booziness. The vodka selection at Jons International Marketplace (“We shop the world for you”) is like discovering your Uncle Mishka’s secret stash of a dozen varieties of vodka. What other store reserves an entire compartment of its frozen-food space for alcohol? Most are priced around $10. So what’ll it be? Putnka? Stalitsa? Opulent? Khortytsa? Krakus, at $16.99, is the most expensive, and sounds like it’s made from crack rather than potatoes. There’s also a line of flavored vodkas by Nemeroff, including a honey-pepper variety. Yes, you’ll have to comb through some questionable limes and lemons in the produce section for your cocktails, but you’ll be able to afford some imported caviar to go with. Citywide; —Libby Molyneaux

LA Weekly