OK, so your kids might not jump for joy at the idea of a “guided tour.” But this one is filled with wild animals your children can touch! And with all these alligators, bobcats and servals hanging around, your kids will likely be grateful for the guide, who keeps these animals (and your rugrats) cool, calm and friendly. Walking into STAR Eco Station, you obviously get a whiff of zoo smell, but you're also met with a placid, stress-free environment. It's amazing that these people can host birthday parties and keep your kiddos on their best behavior with just the right joke or smile, but it behooves everyone to create a soothing environment. Some of these animals are endangered, and many have been rescued from illegal trafficking operations. So that rare turtle some dude tried to smuggle in his suitcase from Thailand? When TSA at LAX catches that little guy, they can release him to the kind people at STAR, who also slyly instruct your kids on how to be stewards to the animal kingdom.

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