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Skateboarding was invented under our Western blue skies; with the notoriety of Venice's Dogtown skating crew, its history as a sport was pretty much solidified here. We're also privileged to have the first and biggest skateboard museum in the world, located in nearby Simi Valley. The Skatelab Skateboard Park & Museum is situated on the second floor of an indoor skate park — kids and brave adults practice their kickflips and ollies on the ramps below. You enter the warehouse-like building through an impressive skateboard tunnel, with thousands of vintage boards mounted on the walls and ceiling above. Opened in 1997, this free museum contains pieces of skateboard history along with iconic pop culture memorabilia. It's also home to the Skateboarding Hall of Fame, featuring autographed boards of the pros. Skatelab is a trip down memory lane for some — and a fascinating Southern California history lesson for others.

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