The simple joy of playing a game is a great way to socialize. And a great place to do this is at Game Empire in Pasadena. The store offers a wide selection of weekly play of both card-based and board games, with special nights devoted to board games. Tuesdays are “Newbie Night,” designed specifically for new players or those who just want to try some new games. Each Tuesday features three games, with staff members on hand to help you learn to play them. Recent Newbie Nights have seen games where players built their own medieval kingdoms, or were snake oil salesmen in the Old West or monsters trying to evolve into the ultimate beast. Wednesdays are board game night, offering everything from classic board games to recent releases. There's far more to gaming than sci-fi or sword and sorcery, though Wednesdays are Dungeons & Dragons night as well. There's also a stash of games at the back available for anyone to play anytime.

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