Skateboarding is a confounding puzzle for those of us who lack that elusive, seemingly magical sense of balance and coordination. For those who take to boarding with the ease of a duck in water, the sport must be very freeing. But even a non-natural skater knows that if you wanna shred on a board, you've got to have a skateboard that you love. That's where the right store comes in. East Hollywood's Blury, named after the effects on your vision from smoking too much chronic, has gained an air-tight reputation from local young boarders for its killer selection, straight-up, no-bull customer service and very low prices. Laid-back owners Chris and Jack stock Primitive, Plan B, Chocolate and Skate Mafia lines, and they carry penny boards and long boards and also have some rad T-shirts and fixed-gear bikes. And at these gas prices, boards get incredibly good mileage.

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