Farmacia y Botanica Million Dollar looks more like a small-town drugstore than a den of magic. The walls are toothpaste-white, the shelves crammed with Tums next to bath powders that bring good luck, and the, er, pharmacists will answer your questions about black and white energy as calmly as if debating the difference between aspirin and ibuprofen. Plenty of shops sell santería candles — hell, you can buy one at Jons. Even the phalanx of 8-inch waxwork penises promising to fill your house with love and fidelity (plus a whiff of oily smoke) are identical to the ones you'll find everywhere else. What raises Farmacia y Botanica Million Dollar above the rest is that it's a one-stop shop: You can light up and leave your spell here to be tended to next to dozens of others, quickly pay respects to the Santa Muerte altar behind the register, and buy mouthwash, too. —Amy Nicholson

301 S. Broadway, dwntwn., 90013. (213) 687-3688.

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