Frisbee golf is a real thing, combining the precision, hand-eye coordination and extremely low aerobic workload of golf with the mellow, playful vibe associated with tossing a Frisbee. At each “hole” of the course, a player sails the Frisbee from the designated mark to a raised metal basket, which is designed to cushion and thus trap the disc. Most Frisbee golf courses are on relatively flat, grassy surfaces, in parks or on the edges of actual golf courses. Chavez Ridge Disc Golf Course, however, occupies a dramatic ridge in a wild, woodsy part of L.A.'s second largest urban nature reserve, Elysian Park, and it feels almost alpine, with its assorted large trees and dramatic vistas. Of course, playing on a course on the edge of a very steep hill introduces an extra level of difficulty. Think of it as Frisbee, golf and hiking combined. Another benefit: It’s all free.

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