The word “massage” can mean a variety of things. There's Swedish massage, Thai massage, deep-tissue Rolfing, and the kind of massage you get at fringe-y parlors that elicit snickering chatter about “happy endings.” L.A. Sports Massage offers a targeted and quality-assured service: a rigorous, but not extremely painful, reparative and restorative massage aimed at addressing specific physical ailments common to athletes and other physically active people. LASM says that in many cases, a few sessions in its bright, cheery Culver City space with one of its athlete/massage therapists not only gives relief from muscular or joint pains but can also actually reverse the intrinsic problem. Now that's a real happy ending! 13205 W. Washington Blvd., Culver City. (310) 439-1421, —Adam Gropman

LA Weekly