Best Penis Enlargement Device


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Are you one of the many who are not satisfied with their penis size?

Or, are you looking for an enhancer to help you perform better in bed?

Perhaps, you might suffer from a disorder that you cannot help.

Penis enlargement is often taboo, but it’s important to remember that penile size can also connect to medical conditions. That’s why we’re here to talk about it.

There are many different ways to go about correcting any size dissatisfaction or erectile issues. However, one of the most effective and natural ways to conquer these issues is to use a penis enlargement device.

They don’t just make your member look more prominent and broader, but they can also correct disorders like Peyronie disease (curved penis) and potentially help you perform better in bed.

While there are many different penis enlargement devices on the market, each has its own set of pros and cons. However, unlike other methods, you can discreetly use these products in public without anyone knowing what you’re doing or why.

Keep reading as we discuss the best penis enlargement device for those looking to increase their size at home with minimal effort. We will also provide some helpful factors to remember to purchase an effective product to suit your needs.

How Do Penis Extending Devices Work?

With most of the devices that we will cover, you extend across the entire length of your penis and fasten the end to the end of your member. The two halves of the device frame your penis in adjustable rods.

Afterward, the device stretches your penis, causing micro-tears in the skin tissue. After a while of using these devices, your penis will get used to it. Like your muscles when you work out any other muscle. Moreover, over time, you will notice the length and girth of your penis grow.

5 Best Penis Enlargement Devices in 2021

We have seen many different devices on the market that promise penis enlargement in an “x” amount of time. However, we have rated these top five as some of the best in 2021.

With this roundup, you should be able to find a device for your needs without wasting any more time or money than necessary.

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#1 ProExtender

A lot of us have always wanted a way to get a bigger penis—or to fix penile issues.

While there are many enhancement products on the market that promise enlargement, there is one device that stands out among them all.

A doctor created ProExtender in 1994 with the intent of correcting unusual penis shapes without resorting to dangerous surgeries.

Over time, this device became so successful and easy to use that it eventually became available for the general public as well, becoming popular among clinics and even sexual health communities alike due to its strong medical roots based on Peyronie’s Disease treatment.

What is ProExtender?

The ProExtender system is a medical-grade device that can help you enlarge your penis girth and length by up to 24% in three months. ProExtender is among the most reputable penis supplement devices on the market today. It has plenty of experience in the market, as it was created 20 years ago.

These results could affect both how much pleasure you experience during intercourse with your partner (which researchers believe leads to more frequent orgasms) or even just solo use.

Moreover, at no other time have simple exercises had such an instant effect on one’s ability to satisfy intimate moments between themselves and their lover(s).

The ProExtender System was designed by a doctor who wanted to provide comfort with an easy-wear device that you can wear for extended periods. As a non-invasive penis extending method, it relies on your body’s natural mechanism, which grows amidst tension. The same process happens in bodybuilding and orthopedics.

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What Are the Benefits of ProExtender?

ProExtender has been shown to increase the length and girth of a man’s penis by 24% on average. The change is noticeable whether erect or relaxed, but with the ProExtender system, you can grow your member at your own pace without any pain whatsoever.

You will likely see results from using this device after a few months if you wear it on your member for 12 hours a day. However, ensure you do not wear it for more hours. Because wearing it for more hours will not result in quicker growth.

Are There Any Areas The ProExtender Falls Behind?

The only downside is that you cannot find ProExtender in stores, you can only purchase the ProExtender online, so you need to ensure you are buying it from a reputable vendor.

However, their website offers three packages to choose from, which we will cover next. Moreover, as with every other device, you will have to keep this device on your penis for a lot of the day (long term) for it to work.

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Available Packages

  • There are three package options available when purchasing the ProExtender. The best option of all three is the Ultimate Package which even includes one-on-one coaching with Penis Enlargement expert AJ Alfaro.

When you get your ProExtender, here is what you will find:

  • Your ProExtender Carrying Box
  • A silicone tube strap
  • A set of half-inch stretching bars
  • Two sets of 2-inch stretching bars
  • A comfort strap
  • The ProExtender Device
  • A User Guide
  • Exercise DVD

When it comes to making your member larger and spicing up your sex life, one of the safest ways you can turn to is using a member extender. ProExtender has been proven as a highly reliable product backed by studies that doctors around the world recommend. It’s been in use for 20 years with hundreds of thousands of customers all over the globe who have had great results.

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#2 Jes-Extender

Jes-Extender is a pump initially designed to treat Peyronie’s disease, but it has now become one of the best pumps out there.

What is Jes-Extender?

The Jes-Extender is a highly effective and safe alternative to surgery or other expensive methods to treat penile problems such as erectile dysfunction and certain types of congenital abnormalities (such as micropenis).

Moreover, the Jes-Extender can also be used in conjunction with any medical treatment regimen—including medications—to help maintain erections during sex therapy.

What Are the Benefits of the Jes-Extender?

The Jes-Extender is a handmade medical device that helps treat curved penises, ED, and hypoplasia.

Moreover, it’s an excellent tool to help with the following:

  • Premature ejaculation
  • It helps correct curvature in your penis
  • Great confidence booster
  • Improves overall erections to due increased blood flow
  • Claims of 28% permanent growth and 19% girth increase over 4–6 months
  • They offer various price points

The ergonomic design of this innovative tool makes it less burdensome as you go about your day without interfering with any of daily activity or routines. As a result, you will be able to achieve long-lasting success with permanent benefits from extended usage.

Best of all, the British Journal of Urology International (BJUI) published a study of whether the Jes-Extender works and concluded that this device results in durable penile lengthening.

Is There Anything Wrong With the Jes-Extender?

While there is nothing wrong with the Jes-Extender, some recommend starting slow when using this device to prevent tearing any muscles. Keep in mind that the same workout rules apply to exercising any other muscles. So, this is normal.

For a slow start-up schedule, you should aim to use this device 1–2 hours a day at a 900–1200 grams traction for the first couple of weeks. Then, with weeks three and four, aim for 1200 grams at 3–4 hours. And finally, at weeks five and six, aim for 5–6 hours a day.

Available Packages

Jes-Extender offers plenty of options with five packages.

Each package includes the same device. However, they coated some of them in different materials like platinum or 24 Karat gold, which is sure to please any of you looking for a luxurious piece that you can treasure forever.

Other differences you will see between these packages include accessories included with each kit, such as an extra spring that will help you achieve bigger erections when needed most.


The Light is a revolutionary device that you can use on all sizes of the erect penis, from 6.7 inches up to 11.1 inches, with ease and comfort.

This product also comes equipped with two different size bars for an extended length—1 and 2-inch—and one protection pad.


The package includes everything from the Light version with two additional metal bars for an even greater size range up to 9.1 inches.

Moreover, it comes packed in a stylish mahogany case explicitly made for this device and you also get a 2-year warranty which is more than enough time to make sure that your device is working fine.


The Titanium model is a high-quality penis stretcher that comes with an aluminum case and two sets of half inch elongation bars. This one’s designed for bigger members, up to 9 1/2 inches long.


The Gold has a 24 karat gold casing and comes with everything the Titanium does, but also includes a velcro strap for additional comfort.

In the box for the gold model, you will find the following:

  • User guide
  • Velcro strap
  • Set of keys
  • 2- (x4), 1- (x2), and half- (x2) inch elongation bars
  • Cohesive gauze
  • Protection pad x2
  • Dual function front piece
  • Basel unit
  • Silicon tube
  • Comfort strap


The Jes-Extender Platinum package includes:

  • A pure platinum-coated extender
  • An official certificate of authenticity
  • All the Gold’s accessories
  • No-slip protech
  • Lifetime warranty

The kit also comes with 1 No-Slip Protech that provides friction against the glans while still allowing it to slip if necessary during some moments in time where you want complete control over your member’s movements.

The warranty on these extenders varies from 1 year to lifetime warranties depending on what level of kit you purchase, so be sure to check before making your final decision today.

Best of all, they offer a money-back guarantee in a scenario that, for some reason, the device does not produce results.

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#3 Male Edge

Male Edge is a penis-extending device from DanaMedic, a medical manufacturer based in Denmark. It works by applying tension or stretch your penis tissue over time, gradually increasing in stature and size.

Moreover, Male Edge has been in the market for over 20 years, so they have plenty of experience under their belt, making them a trusted brand to us.

What Makes the Male Edge so Great?

Male Edge offers a variety of features that make it the best on the market, including:

  • Studied and proven at the BJUI
  • Addresses issues like Chordee (bent penis) and Peyronie’s disease
  • Constructed from FDA-approved materials
  • CE-certified
  • Class 1 medical device
  • An average increase of 33.9% in flaccidity after six months of use

Medical professionals endorse the male enhancement device, and it has had clinical studies conducted to ensure its effectiveness.

Moreover, the Male Edge uses one of the most successful mechanisms for enlargement: traction, which can address issues like Peyronie’s disease or Chordee.

What’s Wrong With the Male Edge?

As with the rest of the devices, it will have a little bit of discomfort at first. Otherwise, we have yet to find out whether it is FDA approved.

Available Packages

When investing in a Male Edge, they offer quite a few options to choose from, the colors of their cases can easily differentiate each.

The Male Edge models are as follows:

Male Edge Basic

The Basic model (light blue case) comes in at an affordable price and includes the following in the box:

  • Male Edge penis enlarging device
  • Two Rubber strap
  • Travel bad
  • A clear ruler
  • Brochure

Male Edge Extra

The Extra comes in an attractive green and black case that includes everything the Male Edge Basic has and:

  • A protection pad
  • An additional rubber strap

Male Edge Pro

The Pro is the ultimate device for penis enhancement that comes in a bright orange and black case. You will find everything that the previous models came with and the following:

  • Cohesive gauze
  • A total of five rubber straps
  • Two total protection pads

Keep in mind that each model comes with a money-back guarantee to give you peace of mind that you will have a more prominent member or treat the ailments it claims to treat.

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#4 SizeGenetics

DanaMedic, a Denmark-based company, has been in the market for over 19 years and has created an excellent yet proven penis extending device, the SizeGenetics.

What is SizeGenetics?

Sizegenetics is a device that has been shown to increase the size and hardiness in men who have used it for an extended period. The team at this company goes through strict quality control measures to ensure their products are both practical and safe to use.

Why is SizeGenetics Great?

It’s an excellent product, and DanaMedic took careful consideration when designing it. Moreover, when continually using this device, expect your penis to grow at least an inch every six months.

Some other benefits and characteristics you will find with the SizeGenetics are:

  • It fits in a simple carrying case that can store the device at the end of the day
  • The extender comes with a single ring to hold tension. The ring is wide enough that you will feel quite comfortable and not too much tension
  • You can choose from one of many kits depending on how many accessories you need or how much you want to spend.
  • The SizeGenetics Ultimate System is FDA approved.
  • You can add extender arms as you make gains to accommodate your growing penis size
  • You can even address a curvature in your penis that has been troublesome throughout your life
  • 6-month money-back guarantee
  • It helps treat erectile dysfunction
  • It saves you money on potential surgeries

Where Could SizeGenetics Improve?

As with the other penis enlargement devices, this one shares many similar areas that are not ideal, including:

  • You have to wear it for a long time
  • The metal bars touching your penis can feel cold to the touch; moreover, these bars may feel uncomfortable
  • More expensive than other models

Available Packages

DanaMedic offers quite a few packages to accommodate different budgets and needs, including:

Value Edition

The most affordable version of the SizeGenetics strips the add ons and leaves you with a device that has a sole function—to extend your penis. However, it may take a little longer to do so.

The Value Edition comes with the following:

  • SizeGenetics device
  • Product case
  • Comfort Strap
  • Protection pad
  • Four elongation bars—two 1-inch and two 2-inch
  • User guide
  • Dual-function front piece
  • 1-year warranty
  • Money-back guarantee

Comfort Package

A little more expensive than the Value, but you get everything it comes with and more.

Additionally, you will get add ons like:

  • Luxury leather case
  • Silicone tube
  • Two .5-inch elongation bars
  • A set of keys
  • No-slip protech
  • 3M comfort plaster
  • Four total 2-inch elongation bars


The most expensive; however, the most inclusive option comes with the following in addition to everything, the previous two models include a cream moisturizer and traction talcum powder.

Peyronie’s and Curvature

The Curvature and Peyronie’s Edition acts as a device to help you who suffer from ailments and symptoms like:

  • Lack of sexual desire
  • Penile curvature
  • Discomfort during erections
  • Plaque build-up and scar tissue

Moreover, within the box, you will find everything included in other models and more add ons like:

  • Gauze
  • An extra dual-function front piece
  • Extra 3M comfort plaster

SizeGenetics is a popular penis extender that has amazed us.

It is comfortable and, for the most part, produces no issues. SizeGenetics surprised us compared to other brands because its adaptability means you can wear it in without worrying whether it will fit.

To conclude, we highly recommend investing in SizeGenetics to fulfill your medical or growth needs.

The manufacturer offers a generous warranty of one year for their product. With this, you are sure that the company will resolve any issue with no fuss and cost to the customer!

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#5 QuickExtender Pro

Quick Extender is a legitimate company with offices within Canada and the United States. All of their tools are safe, effective, and will last you forever so that you don’t have to buy another one anytime soon!

What Is the Quick Extender Pro?

Quick Extender Pro is a tool that makes products like traction devices.

Moreover, these fall under the category of penis enlargement tools and are safe to use, as long as they’re not misused by you or anyone else using them!

The traction can help fix curvature issues on your member both in length and girth.

What Are the Benefits of the Quick Extender Pro?

The Quick Extender Pro is unlike any other penis enlargement device, as it utilizes a Double Strap Support (DSS) system to provide maximum tension and comfort.

The result?

You get the most value for your money and growth out of your time in this workout-like process that increases possible gains while making you feel great!

Here are some other pros of the Quick Extender Pro:

  • Discreet mailing and free shipping
  • Made with hypoallergenic materials
  • Preassembled
  • You may feel more sensitivity during intercourse
  • Claims of size increases of up to an inch within three months from past buyers
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • 6-month warranty

Are There Any Areas Where the Quick Extender Pro Might Not Be the Best Choice?

Fortunately, the Quick Extender Pro shares almost identical negative characteristics as its competitors like:

  • It will not correct severe cases of curvature
  • You have to use this device for a lot of hours a day for many months
  • Enlargement results vary by person
  • If you apply too much tension too fast, it can bruise your penis

Available Packages

Quick Extender offers several options to choose from when buying one of these penis enlargement devices:

Value Edition

The Quick Extender Pro Value Edition is the best choice for you who want to save money. While it does not have all the additional add ons like the Deluxe Standard and Limited Editions, it still gets the job done.

In this package, you will get 3000-gram tension springs and some replacement accessories.

Deluxe Standard Edition

We believe that this version gives you the most bang for your buck. It is affordable and includes plenty of items like:

  • A month supply of Rizer XL—natural supplements to promote erectile blood flow
  • Six comfort pads and silicone tubes
  • 3500-gram tension springs
  • Various extension bars
  • Lifetime warranty
  • The Quick Extender device
  • Extra accessories
  • Travel pouch

Deluxe Limited Edition

A more expensive version of the Deluxe Standard Edition comes with more replacement parts. Moreover, this model includes everything that the Standard has except:

  • 4000-gram tension springs (rather than 3500)
  • 3-month supply of Rizer XL
  • 12 total silicone tubes
  • 12 total comfort pads
  • Wooden carrying case
  • Set of informative DVDs

The Limited Edition has more power to help you achieve faster penis extending—or curvature removal—results with the different tension springs.

Curvature & Peyronie’s Edition

Wait, they still have another version that focuses on you who are dealing with Peyronie’s disease. Compared to the other versions, this one offers unique add ons like:

  • Vitamin E supplements—for therapy support
  • Six silicone tubes
  • Six memory foam pads (medical-grade)
  • 4000-gram tension springs

The manufacturer for Quick Extender pro offers a 6-month money-back guarantee, which means that you will have plenty of time to test this device to ensure it gives you the growth that you need.

In our opinion, the Quick Extender Pro is a well-made device that does what it claims to do.

However, as with the rest of the devices on this list, the main downside of this product seems to be that you have to wear them for periods regularly to see results.

For many, this inconvenience may not seem like much when considering how expensive surgeries can be and how painful they can be too.

We are impressed with this device. Without hesitation, we recommend giving the Quick Extender Pro traction devices a try if you are looking for an alternative solution to surgical procedures or medicine.

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Penis Extending Device Buyer’s Guide

Purchasing a penis-extending device can be overwhelming.

There are many features to consider, including the base size of your mattress and whether you want an electric option or not. But don’t worry!

We will help break down all these considerations in this next section for you so that you’re prepared when it’s time to buy one.


When choosing a penis extender, make sure you get a comfortable one. Because the more time spent wearing it, the better results achieved. So, you will be wearing this thing anywhere between six and twelve hours a day.

That’s why many recommend going with features such as an adjustable strap.

Warranty or Guarantee

When you’re looking for a penis extender, one of the most important things to consider is what kind of warranty it offers.

A good option would be an extender with at least six months’ worth of coverage—some might not offer this much.

To achieve optimal growth from your device, it’s best to use it consistently for up to 6-12 months!

Moreover, if possible, go with one that also comes with a money-back guarantee. When they do not work as well as expected or just make no changes whatsoever, there won’t be any risk on our end, and you can easily return/exchange them without hassle.

Medical Approval

Some people might not realize it, but there are actually many different types of penis extenders that all have their pros and cons.

One way to ensure you are buying the best one for your needs is by providing medical approval or at least studies from a reputable institution.

Adjustable Angles

Every penis has its own curvature, which is a characteristic that many manufacturers fail to realize. So, when shopping for a device to extend your penis, aim for one that can fit different curves and sizes. Moreover, not all penis stretching devices support all penis sizes.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many different types of penis-extending devices, so it’s important to know what you want and be prepared for any potential side effects.

Read on below to explore some frequently asked questions about these products from other buyers in the past.

Will Wearing Penis Extenders for Longer Work Faster?

No, wearing these devices for more hours per day than what the manufacturer recommends will not make your penis grow faster.

Are There Any Side Effects to Using Penis extenders?

There are no known side effects other than temporary mild discomfort to using penis extenders unless you wear them for over 12 hours a day or if you have allergic reactions to the materials on the devices.

Is There Anything Else That I Need To Know When Using a Penis-Extending Device?

Before using your penis extending device, keep these tips in mind:

  • Shave your pubic region before wearing the device
  • Only equip these devices when you are entirely flaccid
  • You need to wear these every day to achieve your desired results
  • Before your first time using these devices, make sure that you clean it

How Do You Clean a Penis Enlargement Device?

The best way you can clean your penis extending device by using an anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner. However, you can also use mild soap and water to clean it.

How Often Should I Clean My Penis-Extending Device?

You should clean your penis-extending device after every use.

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Wrapping Up

There are way too many scams around that promise instant results to make your member bigger. However, many of them never perform, and the companies run off with your money.

Fortunately, genuine penis enlargement mediums such as the machines we listed actually offer results. Conversely, there are many different brands and models available, which makes it difficult to find what you need.

The roundup of our top five penile enhancement devices should give you a better idea of what to search for and how to avoid getting scammed.

That way, you can spend your time on growing and your money on better things.

Remember that if one does not work, there is always another option out there for your specific needs. Moreover, do not worry about being too small or having bad performance—these products will have you at full capacity in no time.

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