Naked people are naked people, but it's where you find the images of them that makes all the difference. Put them in a sleazy mag, flipping out from the centerfold: trashy smut. Hang them on a wall: art! The latter is the case at Footsies, our latest favorite dark hipster bar in Cypress Park. Footsies, with its trendy disposition, retro feel and kickin' jukebox, moves the Silver Lake vibe a little farther east. Of course, with that sometimes comes the hipper-than-thou clientele, dressed in getups like zebra-striped onesies and ironic glasses, who ruin your favorite songs by dancing to them and kicking their tube socks in your face. But what we love about Footsies are all the nekkid-lady pictures hanging on practically every square inch of the walls. Why? Because it's quite a collection, and many of them are artful and pretty. They don't seem seedy at all. Plus they're far more interesting to look at than the zebra chick. 2640 N. Figueroa St., Cypress Park. (323) 221-6900.

—Ali Trachta

LA Weekly