It's like the answer to your prayers: a pawnshop on ritzy Beverly Drive. Owner Yossi Dina peddles the goodies that rich folk are giving up to finance that Learjet — or maybe because they fell on hard times. Their loss, your gain. When you stroll past the Dina Collection/Beverly Hills Pawn, you can't quite believe what you're seeing through the heavy glass and fortified, Tiffany's-like door. Once it sinks in, you wish to God you had a spare $1,500 out in the car. Dina makes loans on the order of $10,000 to $100,000 to wealthy folk hawking their finery, claiming to sell more world-class art — Picasso, Frankenthaler, Warhol, Ruscha, Francis — than most galleries. Not to mention baubles: Cartier, Harry Winston, etc. This picture would be complete if the amazing Dina had a reality show. Oh, that's right! He does, Beverly Hills Pawn.

249 S. Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills, 90034. (310) 888-8888, —Norm Jenssen

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