Have you aged out of Chuck E. Cheese's? If so, join the 21-and-over crowd at their own party restaurant: the raucous, drunken Tokyo Delve's, where sake bombs drop like skee balls and your prizes include embarrassing photos and a hangover. Tokyo Delve's is giddily cornball. No matter how cool your crew is, it will succumb to this irony-free zone. The waiters shimmy to *NSync, and, after a few rounds, most of the customers join in. Those busy gorging on good-enough eel rolls boogie in their seats. But there's no shame in standing, and eventually the birthday girls are standing on their chairs, twerking. The decor is an '80s fever dream: Posters of Vanilla Ice and Super Mario are shoulder to shoulder with Indiana Jones and Batman. Is the giant TV playing Law & Order? Who cares. Your eyes are on the dance contest while your brain is thinking up excuses to come back.

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