Conveniently located in the rock & roll heart of Hollywood, Objets d'Art & Spirit is an affordable way to get your inner witch on. They've got bath salts and candles infused with all the magick you need to manifest millions, or Mr. Right, plus shelves overflowing with talismans and books and crystals and jewelry. Still, as awesome as all the pretty, shiny things may be, it's their superwonderful witchy oils that are worthy of all the fuss. The tiny boutique carries more than 600 blends of magickal oils — tiny bottles filled with potent, brightly colored potions infused with herbs and twigs and sesame seeds and dragon spit. The selection covers every imagining under the sun, including: Otter Spirit, Abundance, Win a Court Case, Avert Evil Eye, Come to Me, Grounding, House Blessing, Serenity, Nymph, Thoth, Yoni, Success in the Arts and Dove's Blood. They've got oils for voudou spirits, archangels, Greek gods, Hindu deities, chakras, astrological signs, even one called Become Invisible and another, Bend Over, for… well, for becoming invisible and for bending over, right? The tiny bottles cost $7.50 a pop, so if you're torn between Attract a Man, Attract a Lover, Attract a Soulmate, Attract a Husband, Get a Rich Husband and Bend Over, worry not, you can afford 'em all. 7529 Sunset Blvd., L.A. (323) 436-5238,

—Dani Katz

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