With all the buzz about the return of Dunkin' Donuts to Los Angeles, it's easy to forget that the first national doughnut chain actually survives, scattered around Greater Los Angeles. Dating to the 1940s, Spudnuts uses a potato flour blend for some of its doughnuts — hence the name. Fans of Spudnuts extol the doughnuts as lighter, fluffier and moister than their counterparts. While Spudnuts doughnuts aren't likely to make aficionados forget Stan's or Donut Man, let alone dissuade transplants from their Dunkin' Donuts nostalgia, there's a reason Spudnuts is still around, even after all these years. Be sure to ask the folks behind the counter which types of doughnuts use the potato flour, to ensure you're getting a true Spudnut. Or just order the apple fritters, which usually are made with the potato blend. —Jim Thurman

3001 S. Figueroa St., University Park, 90007. Additional locations around Los Angeles County. (213) 749-0678, spudnutinfo.com.

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