Los Angeles is among the most exciting and eclectic musical cities in the world. We've known this for decades, and it remains the case to this day. It's a vibrant, wonderful multicultural city; that, combined with the fact that Southern California is an attractive relocation venue for people from all over this country, has resulted in a region with top-quality music available in every genre. Rock, hip-hop and electronic music, in all of their many forms, continue to thrive here, but that's only the beginning.

As we do every year, L.A. Weekly is celebrating local music with our Music Issue. This year is slightly different, as we're incorporating the music elements of the Best of L.A. issue as well, resulting in an informed glimpse at local music that we hope will intrigue and enlighten.

Our experienced and knowledgeable music writers have put their heads together to highlight local (or locally based) musicians, bands, venues, etc., that deserve some extra attention. A few, including rapper Cozz, DJ Soothslayer and punk band Egrets on Ergot, have received the full feature treatment.

Of course, our choices, and those we left out, are open to discussion and argument. With so much music in one locale, it's impossible to be fully comprehensive. Plus, hey, there's always next year.

For now, enjoy. Check out something you haven't heard before. If music is the medicine of the mind, what follows should keep the noggin soothed for the foreseeable future.

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