If the usual experts are to be trusted, the end of the world is definitely coming one of these days. Some say it'll end in fire; some say in ice. Some say global climate change. All — with apologies to Robert Frost — would suffice.

So what are we to do? Seize the day! Hike that trail. Visit that restaurant. Catch that comedy show you never quite got around to seeing — when our time is short, even L.A.'s horrific traffic should be no deterrent.

For this year's Best of L.A. issue, we consulted five of the city's preeminent tastemakers and got their take on how they would spend their last day in Los Angeles. But no need to follow their blueprint. We've got more than 350 awesome things packed into this issue, along with 100 more winners culled from our annual readers poll. Get to know our favorite places in the City of Angels, the ones that make our heart sing and our pulse quicken. And then go make this city your own — today, before the end comes, before it's too late.

—Sarah Fenske

LA Weekly