Winter is my favorite time of year in Los Angeles. I love when it rains and washes away the grime, pollution and pollen, leaving the city sparkling clean. Several days a year you can look out from behind your windshield while driving and see snowcapped mountains. If you have enough elevation, you can pan the horizon, all 360 degrees of it, and see from the ocean to the mountains. This atmos-pheric clarity, combined with the golden light of California, makes me feel like getting out and taking pictures.

It was a very crisp day when I took this photograph of Erica. I was shooting at a friend’s penthouse apartment in the Asbury Building, a film noir throwback complete with a noisy, flickering neon sign. Set against the background of a modern city sprinkled with hillside homes, Erica’s classic Juliet-on-the-balcony pose in soft focus feels dramatic, mysterious and very L.A.



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