Gravestone in Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Hollywood, CA, Jan. 21, 2000.
Photo by Wild Don Lewis

The intoxicating fragrance of sea air, the abundance of vitamin D, the sublime atmosphere that forms where the mountains meet the Pacific — these aspects of Los Angeles I would sincerely miss. The eclectic energy of the metropolis infects your soul and provides an endless source of inspiration. This unique fuel can only be refined here. In this image, Angelenos are fueling their rocket with that energy; no doubt it will carry them far.

The image has overtones of old postwar adventure magazine covers. I think it echoes the unfolding of daily adventures that one encounters while moving about this young historic city.
—Erik Sandberg
Illustration by Erik Sandberg

If I were to leave Los Angeles, the place I would miss most, without a doubt, would be Santa Cruz Island — 77 miles of coastline, with no people! If that’s not enough, you can dive through huge kelp forests in the underwater environment. Add to that kayaking in and around beautiful sea caves — nothing can touch this place.
—Michael Powers
Photo by Michael Powers

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