Art bookstores, record stores, some clothing stores, wine stores — all these are places where browsing can turn into a sensual experience. The senses engaged are generally the more common four, but Silver Lake’s Spice Station, like a culinary perfume store, adds the fifth dimension. Here you can find couples sharing the aromas that pour out of a curated array of stylish jars, all annotated with provenance and description of the tastes. You never heard of the legendary Ghost Pepper Salt, reputedly the hottest salt in the world? Here, you’ll not only learn about it, you’ll get to smell it, and take a bit of it home (trust me, a little goes a lo-o-o-o-ong way) for not that much. How about Urfa, the dried Turkish pepper that tastes a little like figs and raisins and brown sugar but, you know, spicy? Same thing. There’s also an annex selling gourmet tea leaves. And, in case your other senses get jealous, Forage restaurant, the Secret Headquarters comic-book store and the vinyl-only Vacation record store are all nearby. 3819 W. Sunset Blvd., Sunset Junction. (323) 660-2565, —Gustavo Turner

LA Weekly