The Bowtie, 19 acres of land along the L.A. River, is industrial and natural at the same time. Untamed grass and drooping trees line the river's concrete trench. The state has owned the land since 2003, though it's mostly stayed ill-kept and closed to the public. But in the year and a half since arts nonprofit Clockshop began collaborating with California State Parks to revitalize the land, it has stayed open routinely, and artworks and performances have begun occurring on the parcel. Con/Safos, the wall artist Rafa Esperanza built from handmade adobe bricks, changes routinely as different artists take turns painting it. The Unfinished, a 137-foot long obelisk artist Michael Parker carved into asphalt, has been the site of numerous events: concerts inspired by astrological charts, rituals and a group campout. Artist Rosten Woo also offered experimental walking tours, assisting the transformation of a recently derelict riverside landscape into an exciting new performance stage.

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