Comedian Lauren Weedman is a master of expressing a kind of self-loathing that is so acute and so dense that it sucks all other feelings down into it — a black hole of emotion that spits out X-rays of the human condition. Witness her moldering smolder as Horny Patty on the HBO program Hung and you'll understand the repulsive appeal of her riddle wrapped in an enigma, marinated in bile. Tonight Weedman presents No — You Shut Up, a solo show first premiered in Boise (!) that tackles “fractured families, families with dead mothers, two mothers, adopted mothers and foster kids.” Hers is such an incisive portrayal of the post-nuclear family that, as usual, some may say that her sin is not that it's in poor taste, or cruel to the family, but that it's just “not funny.” This is usually code for something that, in reality, is just funny enough.

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