One thing everyone can agree on: Moving sucks! For music obsessives with sizable record collections and/or memorabilia, it can, in fact, be a nightmare. Some movers just don't understand the precious cargo they are hauling. Your vinyl is important and those framed, signed posters are prized if not precious. At Real Rock & Roll Movers, they get it. The company, started by a local musician, only employs other musicians. But don't let their long hair, tattoos or lanky frames fool you — these guys work as hard as they probably play onstage. Rocking out gives you endurance, after all. Others have attempted to duplicate Real RnR Movers' friendly and hip yet efficient brand of heave ho-let's go, but there's something about the originals that rule. It's like cover bands versus the real deal: They've been in the biz a long time, and it shows. From their cool, all-black, skull-emblazoned trucks to their taste in tuneage while lifting, maneuvering and carrying your stuff from your old pad to your new palace, RNR Movers turn a stressful endeavor into an (almost) joyful jamboree.

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