You care about the planet, so not only did you convert your diesel Benz station wagon to run on veggie oil, but you carpool. Your morning crew is a hodge-podge of finicky morning beverage preferences, and you're tired of the early morning arguments over to where to stop for your morning buzz. You head to Nature Mart's Bulk Bin. They have a selection of fresh, hot, organic coffee for old-school types still dependent on their acidic caffeine fix. But they also offer the strongest, darkest, yummiest yerba mate in town, as well as fresh-squeezed juices, wheatgrass, smoothies and E3Live, a protein-rich blue green algae that kicks your brain into high gear, while providing infinite amounts of phyto-nutrients and other healthy, get-through-the-day sort of stuff. Plus, they encourage their customers to bring in their own vessels — mugs, jars, bottles, troughs — whatever you bring, they'll fill it, lightening the load on the landfills, while revving you up to tackle your day with vim and vigor. What the hell is vim, anyway?

—Dani Katz

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