Any comedian can host a comedy room at a random bar, but it takes location, circumstance and a comedy curator to keep one running for five years. That's a nuisance for most stand-ups but a vital necessity for Melinda Hill, What's Up Tiger Lily?'s producer-comedian, and wonder twin Jazz Ponce, whose scouting skills rival any late-night TV booker. The ambitious Monday-night lineup is equal parts raunchy rookies (Shawn Pearlman), out-of-towners (Adam Cayton-Holland) and top-shelf jesters (Aziz Ansari, Jeffrey Ross, Whitney Cummings) testing out quips before TV gigs. Hill's demure-diva bits are a standard and she throws the crowd an extra gift with an added 7 p.m. Married Mondays preview before the main show. The Hollywood Studio Bar & Grill's layout remains a catalyst for hysteria: Its Western ambience becomes a 360-degree stage for the Walsh Brothers' cowboy skits while the storefront window opens onto an outdoor platform for Jon Dore's outrageous alcoholic. It's free if you sit up front. Standard two-drink minimum or food gets you a table. 6122 W. Sunset Blvd., Hlywd. (323) 466-9917,!/WhatsUpTLily or

—Anthony D'Alessandro

LA Weekly