Certainly more than the sum of its parts, the Milky Way Malt at Milk on Beverly Boulevard is a blend of house-made vanilla ice cream, malted milk and chocolate-caramel syrup, combined in such perfect proportion that they are altogether elevated to a kind of supernova flavor status. So thick that it takes a few tugs at the straw to get the shake going but not so thick that you need a spoon, with bits of solid chocolate, not entirely blended during the milkshaking process, floating like tiny asteroids through a sweet solar system. Though we aren't sure why it's called the Milky Way Malt — there's a distinct absence of Mars bar — we guess it is because the drink is so stellar. 7290 Beverly Blvd., Fairfax District. (323) 939-6455, themilkshop.com. —Emma Courtland

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