No, we're not talking about the best selection of dishes; it's the actual physical menu at Shanghai No. 1 Seafood Village that impresses. The spot's food list is pretty much a coffee-table book: a massive, glossy tome with huge, gorgeous photos of each dish that wouldn't be out of place in Saveur, along with articles (in Chinese only, unfortunately) about the restaurant's namesake city. As befits its San Gabriel Valley location (and its status as the first American location of a Shanghai-based chain), you can expect rigorously authentic Chinese dishes, including crab prepared in myriad ways, braised mutton, jellyfish salad and many, many more. At night, there are banquet-style entrees; during the day, there's a great selection of dim sum. Don't miss the sheng jian bao, rich, broth-filled pork buns that are steamed and then dipped halfway in hot oil, making for a half-crunchy, half-chewy, fully delicious experience. Try not to get the sauce on that menu. —Jason Horn

250 W. Valley Blvd., Ste., M, San Gabriel, 91776. (626) 282-1777.

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