Think of Roller Derby and you'll likely come up with images of some real tough women on a real tough track. However, L.A. finally has its first men's team as well, the Drive-By City Rollers. Taking on the same bravado and the penchant for battle-ready nicknames as women's Roller Derby, the Drive-By City Rollers have been in existence for a year, and they're well on their way to qualifying for the Men's Roller Derby Association. The boys of the Drive-By City Rollers also skate hand in hand with their female counterparts: They utilize the same facility as the city's wildly popular Angel City Derby Girls, as well as support the women in L.A.'s thriving derby scene. Though they're a rather new outfit, they're one more team that seems to be destined to bring our City of Angels to sporting greatness.

—K.C. Libman

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