Many of Los Angeles' best goth-themed dance clubs have been alive and kicking for years, but that doesn't mean there isn't room for new blood. At Cloak & Dagger, a new breed of black-clad vamps undulates in darkness to the sounds of Bauhaus, Siouxsie and Ministry, but the mix is decidedly more hip and mysterious. DJ Adam 12 (She Wants Revenge, Giorgio's) and producer Michael Patterson have made D&G a members-only club, which means you must have a coveted “black card” to get into the main basement dance area, no exceptions. How to get the card is something of a mystery, but knowing the hosts helps. They are also sticklers here when it comes to their “all black everything” dress code, meaning a sliver of white or purple or even red in your dress will be frowned upon and maybe even denied. The rules make for an ultra-exclusive feel, which attracts an intriguing mix of model types and familiar fiends and faces from the music world. I can't tell you about the unique ritual/initiation thing they do for select new members because they make you take an oath, and if you tell, you're cursed by evil club spirits for eternity … or something. Now that's goth. Every Tuesday.

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