Here's the mathematical equation for a good mechanic: (honesty + skill)/cost. Tally it up and Hana Auto Service, a clean, well-tended shop on the north end of Koreatown, is a winner. Cars zip in and out of the wide lot all day, some coming from as far as Arizona and Nevada — K-town expats who wait until they drive back home to get their regular maintenance. An oil change is just $25 and fast, too; you'll barely piece together the plot of the Korean soap opera in the license plate–lined waiting room before you're handed your keys and given the thumbs-up. If it's your first visit, the manager will ceremoniously present you with a folder to hold your future service records — when you find a repair shop you trust, it's an automatic given you'll be coming back. On the front of the folder, you'll see the ultimate sign that the mechanic here trusts you, too: his emergency cellphone number. —Amy Nicholson

4305 W. Beverly Blvd., Koreatown, 90004. (323) 674-0700.

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