There's an Own The Dodgers movement to buy into Blue by selling shares to raise $1 billion to buy out the McCourts. It's a takeoff on the Green Bay Packer business model, where the town owns the team. What do you get for your money? The satisfaction that we'll never have to put up with a deadbeat owner again. Just because you pony up doesn't mean you have a say in running things. But the Dodgers forever would be ours. It may take someone with money and gravitas to pull it off. Frank and Jamie McCourt could look up the meaning of gravitas, but they'll never have it. From the Own the Dodgers website: “Our hard-earned dollars are being used for inflated salaries for family members, opulent homes, jets and messy divorces. Our team is being sacrificed for lifestyle. We need to take over our team. We need to Own the Dodgers. And it can be done. Let's stop the laughter.” To join the movement, go to

—David Futch

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