Got brains? If you need some — plastic brains, rubber brains, foam brains — Dapper Cadaver horror prop shop in Sun Valley is the place to go. And not just for brains — you can find legs and toes and severed hands, too. Proprietor B.J. Winslow has gory guts and ghoulish gear galore in his newly relocated store. Heads of swine, lion skulls, butchers saws, iron shackles, leech jars, replica fetuses with one head or two. And don't forget the blood. Man, has Winslow got blood. Enough to feed a coven of vampires: gallons of edible blood (always handy), EZ Clean blood (practical!), dry blood, powdered blood, blood gel, blood paste. If it's sick and twisted, or it's needed for the process of making things sick and twisted, Winslow has it — to purchase or rent. Hollywood set designers regularly come to him when they need to gross stuff up for film and TV. Dapper Cadaver is also one of the few shops in town that will customize superrealistic–looking Styrofoam tombstones with your choice of epitaph. “Rest in pieces” perhaps? And for those who need massive amounts of gore, Winslow offers discounts for bulk purchases. Perfect for decorating your living room or, you know, a mass grave. 7572 San Fernando Road, Sun Valley. (818) 771-0818,

—Gendy Alimurung

LA Weekly