Sherman Oaks’ ArtRebel offers a number of nontraditional classes for kids, teens and adults, many with a somewhat new-agey spin — Green Rebel teaches young ’uns to make stuff out of recycled materials, Yogart Price combines yoga practice with “chakra color therapy” and group painting — which makes it all the weirder that it also offers a course in the art of tagging. Graffiti Art Rebel 101, a one-hour class held on Tuesday evenings and Thursday mornings, begins with a primer in street-art history and then moves into sketching instruction. It might be just the thing to reroute your kid’s creativity, before his ever-growing collection of fat permanent markers leads to a criminal offense. 14382 Ventura Blvd., Sherman Oaks. (310) 309-0369, —Karina Longworth

LA Weekly