Float Lab’s Venice Boardwalk lobby is decked out with a saggy, ancient couch and two Turbosonic Ovation machines that shake their human users’ cells, organs and systems into never-before-achieved states of optimal health. Run by a salty dog named Crash, Float Lab houses twin flotation tanks — oversize steel boxes filled with water and massive amounts of semi-stinky Epsom salts, which allows one to float in two-hour increments, immersed in pitch-black (relative) silence, and to traverse infinite dimensional otherworlds free of distractions such as gravity and sensory input. Crash not only allows his late-night floaters extended journeys, he invites all of his clients to a high-frequency, pre-float shake on his Turbosonic Ovations. 801 Ocean Front Walk, Venice. (310) 255-1905, floatlab.com. —Dani Katz

LA Weekly