Imagine it as the roller-coaster version of Disneyland's whirling tea-cups ride. Germans designed this ride. It is their vision of what a desert sidewinder snake would do, influenced by a touch of waltzing. Targeted for older kids (and wussy adults), each of the spinning four-seater cars rotates uncontrollably, like a quartet of dizzy ladybugs, so you can't try to game the ride and pick out a nonspinning one beforehand. Guys, they all spin. You'll walk out with deranged visions of Camp Snoopy, which stretches out beneath. Many of the rides at both Knott's and Magic Mountain come equipped with video cameras that capture people's expressions. My suggestion to the ride makers: How about some cameras outside the ride to capture everybody clutching their stomachs and dropping to their knees?

—Gendy Alimurung

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