The Dodgers' Brandon McCarthy is a good pitcher. Not a great pitcher, a good pitcher. But he is a great tweeter. And by the standards of most athletes, he's Sandy Koufax. The 33-year-old journeyman's tweets are refreshingly oddball, the kind you'd usually find on a struggling comedian's timeline. “Life hack: treat airplanes like a prison yard. Fear = respect,” he tweeted, and then, as an example, added: “Just opened my tuna sandwich and left it on the armrest when my seatmate moved his arm. A real power move.” Or: “Curiosity is up on Mars alone right now doing science which is cool, but mostly sad 'cause of crushing loneliness. Yes, I have taken my ambie.” Best of all, McCarthy, a right-hander who's played for six teams over the course of his 11-year career, tweets like a true left coast–ian. He dislikes Republicans and loathes Donald Trump. And he likes soccer!

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