Arguably the most esoteric of the yoga lineages to make its way to the West, Kundalini yoga is beginning to infiltrate the mainstream. Still, just because A-list celebrities are dipping their toes into the deep, rich waters of this ancient yogic form doesn't make it more accessible. Enter Taylor Jap Inder at the Ra Ma Institute for Applied Yogic Science and Technology. Inder's not only a glowing embodiment of feminine power, she is an intelligent and penetrating communicator, which means she doesn't leave you hanging as you hold your arms over your head while hyperventilating, crossing your eyes and pulsating your perineum for upward of 18 minutes. Rather, she guides you through the physical/psychological torment by grounding these seemingly insane actions in reality while explaining the method behind the madness. Her superhero power is her ability to help the mind actually make sense of the otherwise out there bizarre-o-ness that is Kundalini yoga, rendering the kriyas a little less impossible.

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