Koreatown doumis — karaoke-room party companions — and hostess-bar girls might be a dying breed. The last wave of South Korean immigrants in Los Angeles crested long ago, and young Korean-Americans appear to prefer the glamour of Hollywood dance clubs to the grit of K-town venues serving little more than Hite beer and Johnnie Walker Black. But that's not to say that some customs won't survive in a hybrid, Angeleno way. At Koreatown's Cindy Club, a new owner has cleaned up the place and revived the tradition of “booking,” which involves a man asking a woman to join him at his table to share some alcohol. Booking is not mandatory, however, and there's plenty of karaoke and revelry to be had for Silver Lake hipsters and anyone else who wants to show up. Basic beer, soju, sake and wine are available, as well as bar food. Getting a taste of Korean nightlife culture has never been as laid-back in L.A. as it is at Cindy Club. —Dennis Romero

4273 Beverly Blvd., Koreatown, 90004. (323) 906-1640.

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