In terms of both size and selection, Ross Cutlery is the biggest knife shop in the country — 6,000 square feet of kitchen knives and hunting knives and Swiss Army pocket utility knives and daggers and ninja swords. Which is to say, a lot of freaking knives. The place has been around since 1930, though brothers Allen and Richard Wattenberg didn't buy the shop from its original owners until 1962. Today barbers, chefs, seamstresses, hairstylists and the general public all buy knives here. O.J. allegedly did, too (though not the knife that killed Nicole). If you get overwhelmed by the manly tomahawks and meat cleavers, the brothers Wattenberg will show you something sweet and small, such as the world's best tweezers, which come from France. —Gendy Alimurung

324 S. Broadway, dwntwn., 90013. (213) 626-1897,

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