Miss Pamela Des Barres, groupie extraordinaire and author of the 1987 tell-all I'm With the Band, leads fascinating van tours of 1960s Laurel Canyon and Hollywood music hot spots. Live vicariously on Pamela Des Barres' Rock-n-Roll Tour as she retraces the steps where her rock & roll adventures took place while dishing about make-out sessions with Jim Morrison and Jimmy Page. Travel back in time to the heyday of the Sunset Strip, with stops such as the long-defunct Hullabaloo club and the still-operating Whisky, where she will show you exactly where a blasted Morrison lay drunk in the gutter. Hear Des Barres gossip deliciously about cavorting with The Doors, The Byrds, Frank Zappa and even British bands like Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones. Although she refuses to reveal which of her famous lovers she considers best or most well-endowed, she fields all other questions. Locations vary. pameladesbarres.net. —Nikki Kreuzer

LA Weekly