With a single, massive bookshelf, a few small cabinets and an expanse of bare concrete floor, the spare little boutique Chariots on Fire looks empty at first glance. But look closer. Tiny treasures abound. There are sculptural ceramic necklaces with ribbon ties, and carved crystal-and-fossilized wood rings, and stick earrings that look like dots, dashes and staples. Owner Ritz Yagi favors exquisitely made, thought-provoking pieces that play with contrasting textures and materials. Most things in her shop are unusual, like, say, the white porcelain severed-arm charm necklace by Gem Kingdom. A tiny red chili pepper bracelet dangles from the arm's wrist. Chariots on Fire carries both contemporary and vintage pieces, jewelry mostly, though it also has a few scarves, bags and a bit of pottery — all of it the kind of thing you'd call an “objet d'art.” 1342½ Abbot Kinney Blvd., Venice 90291. (310) 450-3088, chariotsonfire.com. —Gendy Alimurung

LA Weekly