Here's the best way to go to the New Beverly now that Quentin Tarantino has taken over: Just show up. Every night of the week you're guaranteed to see something great — and, more importantly, something that probably wouldn't have crossed your mind to see but boy, are you glad you stumbled across it. Tarantino's double bills are like a curated tour of his brain. These are the race car flicks, sexy spy movies, kooky creepers, brilliant dramas and foreign curiosities that shaped his own style. Many rep houses stay alive flogging tired but safe retreads such as The Breakfast Club or The Goonies. It's not their fault — it's economics. But the point of the theatrical experience is to see something, well, theatrical: a movie that will leave you spilling out of the theater excited to talk about the experience you've just shared. Tarantino can afford to take risks — and at $8 for two flicks, we can afford to join him.

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