As much as we brag about our weather, we do see some sweltering days that leave us sopping wet and cursing yet another boring 30-minute treadmill run in our under–air-conditioned gym. That's when we head to the 2.2-mile track surrounding the Silver Lake Reservoir. Cool breezes come off the water, and just when the sun's beating down a bit too intensely, you hit a shady stretch. Much of the path is knee-friendly dirt, not pavement. Jogging past the grassy knoll where families fly kites on the east side and the doggie park on the south side keeps a smile on your face. A couple water fountains and a well-kept public bathroom are welcome amenities. Oh, and parking? Never an issue, because believe it or not, this spot is rarely overrun. 1854 Silver Lake Blvd., Silver Lake.
—Rebecca Haithcoat