When it comes to caring for their feline companions, L.A. cat owners tend to be a tad neurotic. Out-of-town travel cranks their anxieties up still further. Boarding a pet is stressful for the little critter (and expensive for the human), and who among us completely trusts our neighbors not to leave the patio door open? The solution is Sittin’ Kitty, an in-home cat-sitting service run by Joanne O’Brien. Professional and conscientious, O’Brien has a manner that immediately puts both cats and their owners at ease. For very reasonable fees, she’ll visit your home twice a day to not just feed your cats and attend to litter-box issues, but also to spend time playing with them and make sure they’re not clawing the furniture to shreds out of boredom. When you return home, the cat you find waiting for you will be happy and relaxed, as if you’d never left. (323) 935-8631, sittinkitty.net. —Dexter Fishmore

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