Maybe you love dogs, but your landlord won't let you have one. You have to find ways to get your pooch fix, but going to a dog park sans dog would be totally creeper, right? This is why we pop into Bark N' Bitches on Fairfax whenever we walk by. Not only is it a good place to grab gifts for your little doggie nieces and nephews, but there's a whole slew of ridiculously cute, super lick-crazy pups roaming the store that you can play with as you shop. All of these dogs are up for adoption, and they totally know it. They prey on non–pet owners, expertly employing the doe eyes and the puppy jumps. It becomes a little addictive. You may go in for some treats for the neighbor's dog and end up with one of your own. 505 N. Fairfax Ave., Mid-City. (323) 655-0155,

—Ali Trachta

LA Weekly