In 1929 an oceanview cliffside neighborhood in San Pedro began sinking swiftly into the sea, leaving behind only the homes' enormous, eerie concrete foundations. Two homes were destroyed and the rest were quickly relocated, while the earth continued slipping until the mid-1930s. Now colloquially known as Sunken City, the broken shards of concrete have been covered and recovered with colorful graffiti, creating the impression of a post-apocalyptic graveyard, which contrasts interestingly with the infinity of the clear blue Pacific. Although “No Trespassing” signs abound, that doesn't dissuade urban explorers from sliding under the fence to inspect the picturesque and brightly colored ruins, just as area teenagers have for decades. While hiking the fractured cliff is certainly dangerous, it's also romantic. Artistic photo opportunities are as limitless here as are chances for secluded rendezvous. Explore at your own risk. —Nikki Kreuzer

500 W. Paseo del Mar, San Pedro, 90731.

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