Israelis take their hummus seriously. That's why the simple chickpea dish is handled with such care at Haifa Restaurant along Pico's Jewish corridor. The signature Mediterranean staple comes as an appetizer with falafel balls or fresh fool; as a side salad; as an entree with a pile of shawarma; or as a standalone sandwich option — it's that good. Creamy and smooth, Haifa's slightly garlicky hummus is a revelation of possibilities. The gritty, dry, prepackaged stuff will no longer do, and you can forget about inferior hummus that comes coated in too much low-grade olive oil. What you will remember, though, is Haifa's fresh, vibrant hummus. Especially because it's plastered all over the menu. 8717 W. Pico Blvd., Pico-Robertson, 90019. (310) 888-7700, —Farley Elliott

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